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Through the Chakras Meditation CD

Sound Therapy

Music can stimulate an emotional, mental, physical or spiritual response.

Sound effects us in a positive or negative way. For example, some music can make you sad and other songs uplift and energize you. Once you understand the underlying energy of a song you can use it to support your energy centres. E.g. Dance to primal music (beating of drums) to activate the root chakra.

Each colour vibrates and resonates to a distinct frequency, which in these meditations is mirrored by the words, sounds, visualizations and intention. The totality of this CD is formulated to activate your body’s natural energy centres through the conscious use of colour and its various vibrational energy forms. Inspired by the different chakra elements, each song is unique in its melody as it contains dozens of colour-coded messages!


  • A quick way to balance your energies
  • Simply hit play and follow each songs chakra meditation
  • Learn more about colour by listening to the words in each track

Directions: Follow the instructions given in the first few tracks. Listen to the guided meditation and be taken on a colourful journey through your chakra system.

Choose to replay the 7 chakra tracks whenever you feel the need to do a complete balancing or simply listen to the track that will support your momentary or daily energy needs.

Complementary Accessories: Choose a Colour Bath® and play the corresponding chakra music track. Feel the power of that colour's vibration reach your body, mind & soul!

To learn more about colour study the Colour Chakra Chart or read the Introduction to Colour Energy Booklet.