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Your seventh Energy Centre is the gateway to the Divine Being and our higher consciousness. This centre is called your Crown Chakra, or as we call it: Your Violet Intelligence. The importance of your Crown Chakra is to support you in all that you do spiritually. If this Chakra is weak or imbalanced you will feel as if the world is against you.
Your sixth Energy Centre controls your abilities of perception, including your multi-dimensions of intuition. This centre is called your Brow or Third Eye Chakra, or as we call it: Your Indigo Intelligence. The importance of your Brow centre is help you understand things on a deeper, more meaningful level. If this Chakra is weak or imbalanced you will feel mentally depressed, flighty and ungrounded.
Your 5th Energy Centre is your communication abilities with spirit; it relays messages from heaven via your mind and voice. This centre is called your Throat Chakra, or as we call it: Your Blue Intelligence centre. Without an understanding of your Blue Intelligence you don’t have the ability to acquire and apply the knowledge and skills necessary to be confident in your words.
Your first Energy Centre controls your physical reality, health and vitality. This centre is called your Root Chakra, or as we call it: Your Red Intelligence centre. Without an understanding of your Red Intelligence you don’t have the ability to acquire and apply the knowledge and skills necessary to be healthy and confident.
Your second Energy Centre controls your physically felt emotions and is connected to how your feel at any given moment. This centre is called your Sacral Chakra, or as we call it: Your Orange Intelligence. 

We know colour influences our mood, so why not add a bit of colour to your love life?

Colour can enhance our lovemaking through different emotional and physical responses.

Colour is more than decoration and pleasure to our eyes. It is light-light splits into different wavelengths, vibrating at different speeds and frequencies. An object that absorbs all wavelengths and does not reflect any is called black- and an object that reflects everything is white. Between black and white lies our colour world.
Symbolically, when you are ungrounded it means to run away, flee or to escape from. In the colour language it suggests that you are weak in your root chakra and your red intelligence. In the language of the body it means that you are not connected to life and matters relating to the real world.
Your aura emanates the totality of your being. Your whole life including your history, your mental and physical health, your personality (the essence of who you are both consciously and unconsciously), your mood, existing blockages, precursors to any mind, body and spirit disruptions... everything shows itself in your aura.
Over 4,000 years ago, the ancient Egyptians and Indian cultures used aromatherapy as a healing art. Derived from aromatic plants and trees, each essential oil has specific therapeutic and balancing properties. The body benefits from absorbing the unique chemical composition of the selected essential oil. As well each oil has its own aromatic fragrance and directly stimulates the limbic system (the emotional force of the brain) via the sense of smell. 

What does Chakra balancing mean? 

Balance means: an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady. Another interpretation is a situation in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions. 

A chakra is defined as one of seven centres of spiritual power in the human body. We can say to balance the chakra system is to create mental, emotional, physical and spiritual stability.


With so many essential oil companies flooding the market, it can be overwhelming when looking for quality products that you can trust. We have all had a friend or colleague sign up with an MLM company and become overnight advocates for products that may not actually be the best quality.