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Crystal Light Therapy 3-Day Workshop in Vancouver

Discover the power of crystals, guided meditation, sound and essential oils in combination with a 'piezoelectric' crystalline massage!

Using crystalline energy facilitates the break-up and release of energy blockages within your electromagnetic energy field that may be hindering you from moving forward. Learn how to activate crystals to reconnect and strengthen your own energy matrix.

Crystal Light Therapy (CLT) teaches the safe and therapeutic use of crystals in massage, bodywork and healing techniques. Transform your business offerings by adding a deeply healing and spiritual spa treatment!

Crystal Light Therapy, Level One - $699

CLT Level I is taught over 3 days at our training facility in Vancouver. The next class is April 17- 19, 2024. Click here for course details or call your rep at 1-800-225-1226.

Level I Learn 3 different holistic treatments:

  1. Ancient Aura Purification Clearing
  2. Guided Chakra Meditation with Crystal Balancing & Tonation Techniques
  3. Crystalline Massage using Piezoelectricity Methods

Level II Incorporates a master level of working with crystalline energy in treatment that helps facilitate the release of past events traumas.
Level III teaches how to treat animals with the crystalline energy.
Note: Level II & III is offered only once you have taken Level I and practiced for approximately one year. Dates to be announced.

Click here for recommended course materials. Practitioner tools not included.

Additional Add-Ons:

Master Practitioner CLT Crystal Gemstone Set - $699
8 Faceted Semi-Precious Jewelled Quartz Crystals & Gemstones
6 Lemurian Wands (2 each small, medium & large)
1 Bamboo Cotton Bag
Note: To purchase this set you must be enrolled or have completed CLT Level 1 Training.

Colour Energy Chakra Gemstone Set  - $397
8 Faceted Semi-Precious Jewelled Quartz Crystals & Gemstones
1 Bamboo Cotton Bag
Instructional Booklet
CLT Tumbled Gemstone Bags available for purchase for $18.99

Pink Rose Quartz Crystal - $49
Semi-Precious Jewelled-Cut Rose Quartz Crystal for Higher Heart Chakra

CLT Level 1 Practitioner Package - $197
CLT Tumbled Gemstone Bag (11 gemstones)
Through the Chakras CD
Aura Cleanser Spray, 120ml
White Light Spray, 30ml
Crystal Light Therapy Massage Oil, 30ml
Set/7 Chakra Energy Blends, 10ml
Set/7 Chakra Light Essences, 1ml
Value $229.38

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