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Colour Energy Classes & Correspondence Courses

Colour Vibrational Energy Master Program

Experience the power of colour therapy with our Colour Vibrational Energy™ Master Program Course. Dive deep into the colour therapy and discover its profound impact on spiritual well-being, personal growth, and holistic healing.

• Gain a comprehensive understanding of the energy of colour and its influence on the mind, body, and spirit.

• Explore the spiritual significance of colour and its role in promoting emotional balance and spiritual enlightenment.

• Learn practical techniques for harnessing the healing properties of colour to enhance overall well-being and vitality.

• Access expert-led instruction from one of Colour Energy's certified teachers.

• Benefit from a seasoned expert's research. Susanne Murphy, Vice President of Colour Energy North America and Director of the International Colour Energy Educational Systems, is your host lecturer where she shares her 30+ years of colour knowledge in the videos.

This course is ideal for individuals passionate about holistic healing, spiritual growth, and personal development. Whether you're a wellness practitioner, therapist, or spiritual seeker, this course offers invaluable insights and tools to deepen your understanding of colour therapy and enhance your healing practice.

Join our Colour Therapy training and embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation today!

MASTER PROGRAM INCLUDES (Total Value Over $1,369):

  • Access to 8 Pre-taped Series of Video Lectures, Over 21 Videos in Total, Value $299
  • Eight Weekly Live Zoom Classes, 90 Minutes classes, Value $249
  • Student Workbook: 7 Weeks of Self-Assessment Assignments & Additional Handouts, Value $97
  • Automatic Enrolment to 8 Weekly Live Q&A Zoom Classes. 
  • Colour Energy Correspondence E- Manual, Plus Colour Assignments, Cost $299
  • Includes Colour Energy Personality Test & Personalized Report
  • Colour Energy Product Package
  • Certificate upon Completion of Assignments


  • Practitioner Training Analysis Booklet, Value $97
  • Colour Test Interpretation Reference Charts, Value $23.98 ($11.99 each)
  • "How to Teach a Colour Class” Teacher’s Template Package, Value $97
  • Client & Practitioner Support Handouts, Value $49
  • Chakra Analysis Reports & Remedy Sheets, $49

Begin the Correspondence course anytime and work at your own pace. Pre-Taped Master Class Lectures will advance your understanding of the colour language. Weekly live online classes and Q&A sessions run every 3-4 months, starting October 2nd to November 22nd

Already enrolled in the Correspondence Course? Call 1-800-225-1226 to register for the online Master Program only for $400. Shipping may apply for product package and printed manual copy.

Printed copy of Manual can be purchased for an additional fee of $50 when you register for either the CEB or CVEM program. Please add to your cart.

Colour Energy Correspondence Course - $299

Through self-discovery learn "hue" you are and how your energies work together. This program is geared to teach you the fundamental aspects of colour while taking you on a colourful and transformational journey - one that will change your life and how you view things.

- Manual by Email
- Colour Energy Online Personality Test & 20 Page Report
- Introduction to Colour Energy Booklet
- Colour Chart & Pocket Card
- Plus a Colour Energy Product Package
- Certificate upon Completion of Assignments

Click here for more information. Start anytime and work at your own pace.
Printed copy of Manual can be purchased for an additional fee of $50 when you register for either the CEB or CVEM program. Please add to your cart. All courses are non-refundable once materials are shipped by mail or sent by email. 

Additional Add-Ons

CEB Student Package Option #1:
7 x Colour Bath Bottles, 30ml (R-V)
7 x Colour Energy Blends, 10ml (R-V)
7 x Chakra Light Essences 1ml (R-V)
1 x CLT Gemstone Bag (11 Gemstones)
1 x Aura Cleanser, 120ml 
1 x White Light 30ml
1 x Colour Energy Hardcover Book
Value $120.08 – Savings $13.08

CEB Student Package Option #2:
Includes package 1, plus:
7 x Spiritual Sprays, 30ml (R-V)
Set/10 Colour Therapy Glasses
1 x Through the Rainbow CD
1 x Aromatherapy Colour-Coded Chart
Value $313.89 – Savings $54.89

Student Colour Energy Test
Use Coupon Code: CEPT50 to receive 50% off the regular price of $60. 
Please note that once payment is received you will receive your Test Token with instruction on how to do the online Colour Energy Personality Test.

Results include your personalized Colour Chart, a 20 page report, plus a colour remedy sheet based on your lowest energy centre.

Elevate your journey with extra tools ↓