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Chakra Colour Chart

Laminated Chakra Colour Chart

This laminated 8.5" x 11" chart is the ultimate guide to the chakras and their corresponding colour. This all-encompassing reference chart contains over 60 categories of reference, including:

  • Chakra Names and Location
  • Sense & Taste
  • Planets, Elements, Principles and Concepts
  • Physiological System and Associated Organs
  • Foods, Minerals and Gemstones
  • Mantras, Seed Sounds & Yantras
  • Plus much, much more!

A must-have for the colour/chakra novice or seasoned practitioner who wants to learn more about the connection of our intricate energy system to our body, mind & soul.

Technical Data: Laminated, 8.5" x 11" 

Recommended Accessories: Holistic Aromatherapy Chart, Introduction to Colour Energy Booklet, Through the Chakras Meditation CD