Colour Bath Spa Kit - Colour Energy Canada Retail

Colour Bath Spa Kit

A colour treatment is more empowering than a temporary relaxation treatment often offered in spas. Colour Energy’s Colour Bath Spa Kits are not only for the physical body but also for the mind and spirit. Strengthen your body and mind, and your spirit will be energized!

Each Kit Includes:

  • Colour Bath Bottle, 30ml
  • Dead Sea Salt, 100g Bag
  • Therapeutic or Energy Blend, 1ml Sampler
  • Tumbled Gemstone
  • Instructions

$ 6.99 - Colour Bath Bottle, 30ml
$ 4.49 - Healing Salt Bag, 100g
$ 1.99 - Chakra Energy Blend Sampler Vial, 1ml
$ 1.99 - Tumbled Gemstone with Card
$15.46 - Value of Each Gift Set