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Black Hawaiian Sea Salt


Black Hawaiian Sea Salts is a blend of sea salt and purified volcanic charcoal. The salt evaporated in higher ground pools that formed naturally from lava flows. 

These exotic salts works magically for cracked or swollen feet, athlete's foot, sensitive skin, warts and sprains. The infused activated charcoal is known as a powerful detoxification agent. 

  • The essential minerals in black salts are known to boost hair growth, strengthen weak hair and even prevent split ends
  • Helps relieve sunburn, increase circulation and assist in in the detoxification of the body as it draws out impurities in a bath.
  • Use in a soothing foot soak or Colour Bath®

Directions: Mix entire contents into a tub of tepid water. Soak for 12-20 minutes, 3 times per week as a therapy.For a more heightened effect, add several drops of your favourite Colour Energy aromatherapy blend to salt before mixing with water.

To make a luxurious and cooling foot soak mix salt packet with several drops of the Blue Energy, First Aid Therapeutic Blend or your favourite Colour Energy Blend. Add to a foot tub filled with warm water.

Note: The charcoal may leave a black residual on your bathtub, which can easily be removed with a mild soap.

Ingredients: Premium Quality Black Hawaiian Sea Salt • 100% Natural & Unscented • Contains No Additives or Fillers

Recommended Accessories: Colour Bath, Energy Blends, Therapeutic Blends.