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Chakra Balancing

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What does Chakra balancing mean? 

Balance means: an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady. Another interpretation is a situation in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions. 

A chakra is defined as one of seven centres of spiritual power in the human body. We can say to balance the chakra system is to create mental, emotional, physical and spiritual stability.

In this blog I will teach you how to Balance and Charge Your Chakra System with Oils, Essences and Other tools.

The purpose of balancing our chakras is to create more stability in our life. If one or two chakras are out of whack that means that we will feel an imbalance somewhere in our life. Most of us don’t give much thought to our energy dynamics, much less think about how to create more balance. Yet we should. This is our life that we are talking about. We have a certain amount of control in it, and to create it.

It was Benjamin Franklin that said: If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.

This is so true, We need to take control and plan ways to improve and balance our life. Our chakra system governs our health, our mental and emotional wellness as well as our connection to our spirit and soul. But if one chakra is problematic, it creates an imbalance that will affect us somehow.

Depending on which chakra is overstimulated or sedated, this will relay in our life. 

For example, if you are suffering from anxiety, your indigo brow chakra is too excited. In turn, your root chakra will often become weakened and you feel ungrounded or lack inner confidence. Thus, by balancing these two chakra you can create a stronger flow between your energy centres. Your anxiety will lessen and you’ll feel more connected to the world and your life.

It’s our energy imbalances that cause us to feel out of sorts, which can eventually turn into more chaos. The more we focus on balancing our energy regularly, the more we will feel stronger in our actions, thoughts, emotions and beliefs. 

When doing a chakra balancing, there are many things that I suggest that you do beforehand to ensure the success of the chakra balancing treatment. 

Maybe you want to balance your own chakras or you want to offer chakra balancing treatments for family, friends and clients. 

So the first thing that you need to do is...

Find a room that you’ll be undisturbed. Prepare your space by dimming the lights, playing soft music and even lighting a candle if that’s helpful. Make sure all electronics are off. Put your energy cleanser and all your Chakra Blends in front of you with the caps off. And pour a glass of water to drink after the treatment.

Get into a relaxed position such as sitting crossed-legged on the floor.

The next step is to….



Nowadays, most people carry a cell phone and during the day we are around different types of electronic equipment at work to microwaves and other electrical appliances at home

If your energy is polluted with EMF's and other invisible toxicity, you may not respond to the treatment positively or as strongly. 

You can cleanse your aura and healing room by burning a sage wand or spraying sage essential oil around your body. These methods will purify your auric field and space from lower frequencies.

You can also use Colour Energy's Aura Cleanser, a high vibrational formula which is additionally charged with various energy forms and programmed to clear your field multi-dimensionally. Simply spray above your head  3 times to integrate the mind, body & soul. 

Use your hands or a feather smudge wand to move any stagnating energy out of your field and to cut cords away.

Also, when cleansing your aura CREATE A HEALING INTENTION!

For example, while clearing your aura repeat to yourself:

"Heavenly Spirit and Guardian Angels, please help guide me to facilitate a deep healing on me or state your client's name. Protect me or us and let me be a clear channel for white light and love so that I can help myself or so-and-so back to an optimal state of balance and harmony."

Now that your aura is clean…


Place a few drops of the Pink Chakra Energy Blend or Essence in the palm on your left hand. Rub both hands together.

Cup your hands 3-4" over your face and inhale 3 times. And with each breath in envision your body, mind & spirit merging with the universal energy of love.

"With your first breath in: envision the essence empowering your body.”

"With the second breath bind your body and mind with earth and spirit. See your red roots coming from the earth, flowing through your body and transmuting into a white light above your head."

Inhale again and then say: "With your third breath in, envision your body, mind and spirit at one with the cosmic energy of love.”

Now the next phase of the treatment is...


You are anointing each chakra to stimulate or sedate and balance the energy in that centre. By anointing a chakra point with an essential oil blend, you are sanctifying that energy centre from any wrongdoing and declaring its purity.

Now when you enrol in one of our classes that includes chakra balancing, we teach you how to communicate with each chakra. The treatment is much longer and becomes more ceremonial. We teach you how to safely add other dimensions of a frequency to each chakra anointment. We further teach you how to use sound, light, intentions, crystal and much more when doing a chakra balancing.

When using light and crystals, the power is intensified and the release of energy can be quite strong for some people so we teach you safety protocols to follow so that you learn about different situations that can arise. When you release stored emotions and traumas, it can be very intense and you have to know how to handle it.

However, in this blog we are teaching you the basics, which includes anointing each chakra and moving down. Also, we only suggest essential oils blended with jojoba as you should never put oils “neat” onto the body. The skin in some areas is quite delicate as it is not exposed to the elements and therefore can burn when undiluted.

The energy of our Chakra Blends are very powerful even when blended with a carrier as the oils chosen for each blend are synergistic in nature, meaning you have increased the potency as now you have more than one oil working for you. Also, Colour Energy Chakra Blends are pure in the colour frequency as we don’t cross contaminate our blends.

Also, in case you are wondering…

We always work from the crown downwards so you end with grounding your energy. This is an important safety protocol in case you need to drive afterwards. People can feel out of sorts after as their energy flow has been heightened. Some people may not be able to fully function after their chakras have been balanced as it may be a new feeling for them.

Back to the chakra balancing treatment...

Now if you want you can first put a little of the Chakra Blend into the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and cup them over your nose and take a deep breath in, inhaling the heavenly aroma of each blend prior to anointing your chakra point.

To anoint the chakra, what you will do first is drop 1-2 droplets of the Violet Crown Chakra Energy Blend either on the tip of your forefinger or directly onto your body.

Gently massage the Violet Blend in a circular motion on the crown chakra point at the top of the head, or at the top of the forehead where the hairline meets the face. 

If you wish you can add a few words while massage the blend on the point. For example, you can simply say: “Crown Chakra, Violet Energy, Inspiration & Creativity” or choose words that resonate with you for each chakra centre.

You will continue down the chakra system to the root.

Place 1-2 drops of the Indigo Brow Chakra Energy Blend on the tip of your forefinger. Gently massage the Indigo Blend in a circular motion on the third-eye area where there is a dip in the forehead (approx. one inch above the middle of your eyes). 

Brow Chakra, Indigo Energy, Wisdom & Intuition.

Place 1-2 drops of the Blue Throat Chakra Energy Blend on the tip of your forefinger. Gently massage the Blue Blend in a circular motion in the middle of the throat chakra area. 

Throat Chakra, Blue Energy, Truth & Communication

We’re going to add the Turquoise Blend here, to strengthen the immune system. This is a point you can omit if you wish. We felt that during this time, this would be an important area to address. The Turquoise colour is said to be the 8th chakra point.

Place 1-2 drops of the Turquoise Chakra Energy Blend on the tip of your forefinger. Gently massage the Turquoise Blend in a circular motion over the thymus gland located in between the heart and throat chakras. 

Thymus Chakra, Turquoise Energy, Heartfelt connections & immunity

Place 1-2 drops of the Green Heart Chakra Energy Blend on the tip of your forefinger. Gently massage the Green Blend in a circular motion on the centre of chest region, above the breast area. 

Heart Chakra, Green Energy, Love & Compassion

Place 1-2 drops of the Yellow Solar Plexus Chakra Energy Blend on the tip of your forefinger. Gently massage the Yellow Blend in a circular motion on the upper digestive area, approximately 1-2" above the naval button. 

Solar Plexus Chakra, Yellow Energy, Mental Clarity & Self-Confidence

Place 1-2 drops of the Orange Sacral Chakra Energy Blend on the tip of your forefinger. Gently massage the Orange Blend in a circular motion on the lower digestive area, approx. 1-2" below the navel button. 

Sacral Chakra, Orange Energy, Joy & Happiness

Place 1-2 drops of the Red Root Chakra Energy Blend on the tip of your forefinger. Gently massage the Red Blend in a circular motion in the upper root chakra area, in the middle of the hips (so not to cause any unnecessary tension).

Root Chakra, Red Energy, Grounding & Physical Strength

After you have anointed every chakra, go to the feet and rub several drops of the Rainbow Chakra Energy Blend on the soles of your feet for the final balancing touch. At this time you will sense that the Chakra Balancing treatment is coming to a close or you can say: “This concludes the balancing."

Drink water. Every session should end by further grounding with a glass of the water element.

Also, end each session by spraying yourself with White Light Spiritual Spray 

During a chakra balancing treatment you may have released old and needless programs and patterns. 

You want to make sure that there is nothing clinging around you. The White Light Spiritual Spray contains Aura Cleanser, Blessed Water, a variety of essential oils, several gemstones and the alchemy essences for every chakra. This spray blesses all of the chakras at once and instantly aids in the chakras spinning brightly at any time.


Now, if you have studied the chakras…

You can recite more words and phrases that are linked to a chakra centre as you are anointing each one. 

If you are new to all this Colour Energy offers several charts and a great Introduction to Colour Energy booklet. These reference sources contain words and affirmations for each chakra centre. 

The more colour-coded words that you learn and can affirm, you can charge any energy treatment additionally with the power of resonance and intention. Most people don’t realize that words resonate at a frequency; the word love having the highest frequency. 

For example, when you talk to the root chakra and say: I exist, and I have the right and power to be here. You are resonating the red vibe and others will feel your power of existence. But when you live in the world of fantasy, you are putting out the thoughts of indigo which is our dream energy.

If you are not yet versed in chakra-codings, you can play our Through the Chakra CD and enhance the experience with a guided meditation that includes the words of that chakra and also includes sound healing. 

This CD will also teach you more about the colour language and the connections to each chakra. The music is also embedded with various colour sounds to really heighten your chakra experience. 

The CD is about one hour so this would really extend the chakra balancing session.

You can also place a correlating colour gemstone on each chakra point after you have anointed the body with the Chakra Energy Blend. 

Ask about our professional Brazilian jewelled cut semi-precious crystals for the ultimate stone power!

In treatments we often use our Alchemy line as the essences are a higher vibration due to the alchemy process that is embedded in each chakra formula.

Chakra Light roll-ons or Crystal Light Spiritual Sprays empower you further on your energetic bodies. The line also has alchemy massage oils that you can use in a chakra balancing massage. Cosmic tools work on our energy field into the physical body so they are multi-dimensional in nature.

If you’d like to learn more about any of our chakra balancing programs, send us an email and  visit where you’ll find some of the products that I mentioned in this blog.

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Stay tuned for more wellness tips in our series from Colour Energy.