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Chakra Soap

Chakra Soap

Each glycerine soap is colour-coded with corresponding essential oils and a matching keepsake prosperity gemstone. Get clean and raise your vibration all in one!

Red Root Chakra:
Grounding • Courage • Protection
The Red Root Chakra Soap will help build courage and inner confidence and stimulate your life energy. 

Includes Essential Oils of: Ylang Ylang & Benzoin.
Includes a Red Tiger's Eye Gemstone.

Orange Sacral Chakra:
Happiness • Joy • Humour
The Orange Sacral Chakra Soap will help bring enjoyment to your day and strengthen your appetite for life.

Includes Essential Oils of: Blood Orange & Tangerine.
Includes a Carnelian Gemstone.

Yellow Solar Plexus Chakra:
Focus • Self-Confidence • Optimism
The Yellow Solar Plexus Chakra Soap will help cleanse and uplift your spirit, as well as initiate positive thoughts.

Includes Essential Oils of: Litsea Cubeba & Rosemary.
Includes a Yellow Tiger's Eye Gemstone.

Green Heart Chakra:
Love • Compassion • Peace
The Green Heart Chakra Soap will help cleanse and balance your energy, giving you a feeling of renewal. 

Includes Essential Oils of: Spearmint & Lime.
Includes an Aventurine Gemstone.

Blue Throat Chakra:
Trust • Communication • Loyalty
The Blue Throat Chakra Soap will evoke a peaceful feeling as it soothes and relaxes nervous tension. 

Includes Essential Oils of: Peppermint & Rosalina.
Includes a Sodalite Gemstone.

Indigo Brow Chakra:
Meditation • Intuition • Empathy
The Indigo Brow Chakra Soap will help enhance intuition and induce a deeper understanding in all that is. 

Includes Essential Oils of: Patchouli & Frankincense.
Includes an Amethyst Gemstone.

Violet Crown Chakra:
Inspiration • Higher Wisdom • Creativity
The Violet Crown Chakra Soap will help to strengthen creativity and deepen your spiritual connection. 

Includes Essential Oils of: Lavender & Palo Santo.
Includes a Gemstone of Clear Quartz Crystal.

Turquoise Thymus Chakra:
Faith • Tranquility • Patience
The Turquoise soap will help connect your heartfelt feelings to your communication abilities. 

Includes Essential Oils of: Clary Sage & Lime.
Includes a Gemstone of Amazonite.

Pink Cosmic Chakra:
Love • Connection • Healing
The Pink soap will help amp up your love vibe, by charging your aura with universal light. 

Includes Essential Oils of: Palmarosa & Helichrysum.
Includes a Gemstone of Pink Rose Quartz Crystal.

Ingredients: Contains glycerin. No animal testing.

Recommended Accessories: Chakra Soap works well with our Colour Energy's Energy BlendsBubble BathEpsom SaltDead Sea Salts for the ultimate home spa bath treatment! Use together with Through the Chakras Guided Meditation CD.

Colour Bath benefits

Colour Bath is a fun and easy way for your body to absorb the benefits of vibrational frequencies. Bathing in the natural element of water combined with colour creates an incredible healing atmosphere–one that the body recognizes and enjoys.